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Capturing the Vibe – January 3, 1938…

November 6, 2023 by · Leave a Comment 

A new year and a new edition of “Capturing the Vibe” where we try to imagine what the world felt like to a newspaper reader from the past by immersing ourselves in their … “vibe of the day”… perhaps with a cup of coffee in hand on a snowy day where you are.

So, on we go with this month’s issue…

January 3, 1938… the start of a new year… Roosevelt gives a message to Congress.


A Map Shows the “Black Plague of the Twentieth Century” which was defined as a WORLD-WIDE TREND OF GOVERNMANTAL DOMINATION OR LIBERTIES


On a more frivolous note … 35 long-wed couples make merry at party with dinner and dancing.


Nelson Eddy/Elanor Powell & Tyron Power/ Alice Fay had movies premier.


Coverage of The Sugar Bowl.



And last but by no means least … a Genuine RCA Victor Electric Tuning Radio was only $89.95!