Documenting the Civil War…

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David Chasanow, at, recently did a post regarding the valuable role rare & historic newspapers play in documenting the events of the Civil War.  The post included an interview with Tim Hughes.  Please enjoy!

Battle lines: Vintage newspapers documented the Civil War as it happened is back at it again…

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David Chesanow, at, recently interviewed Tim to obtain his views concerning collecting newspapers related to the recent election.  Two of the questions asked:

  • Do you think people will start collecting Obama papers beyond the election?
  • Do you anticipate this event raising interest in historic newspapers as a hobby (not investment)?

The answers to these questions, and more, may be viewed at  Thanks David, for yet another positive contribution to the Rare Newspapers community.

Old news is good news for collectors…

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David Chesanow recently posted an interview with Tim on his informative website  With comments like “…newspapers, like books, extend into every collecting field…” and “Newspapers… are original historical evidence…”, David seems to get it right.  The interview included such topics as:

  • What newspapers do you (Tim) yourself collect specifically – by region, era, subject – or is the field your area and you just like the rarest, most historic items?
  • What are the collecting areas within the hobby?
  • What are some of the interesting collecting areas of some of your (Rare Newspapers) customers?
  • What are the “Holy Grails” of newspaper collecting?
  • Are newspapers ever forged? For example, aren’t there a lot of professionally done reprints in England?
  • What have newspapers been made of over the years, and how perishable are they?
  • Are the high-acid papers necessarily hard to preserve?
  • When was the transition from rag content to high-acid paper in the U.S. and abroad?
  • What’s the best way to store newspapers?
  • Now that the Internet is killing printed papers, do you think the latter will become increasingly collectible?

To access the full text of the interview, go to “Old news is good news for collectors“.  Thanks David for your fine contribution to the community and for your outstanding website!