An absolutely bizarre death report from 1911…

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Mark Twain is credited with posing: ““Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” If a report our staff discovered on the back page of a Fitchburg Sentinel for October 28, 1911 is any indication… score one for Mr. Twain. View the photo below to see if you agree.

The Traveler… the dam burst… the judge “solomonizes” it…

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In the travels of The New York Tribune dated October 3, 1911,  I found several reports on the destruction of the town of Austin, Pennsylvania. This occurred just a few days prior and was the result of the breaking of a fifty foot high and thirty foot wide concrete dam which then flooded this small town, destroying everything in its path.

In contrast to the above tragedy…  A bit of an amusing story is included of a court case which involved the owners of two cows, each of which became the mother to a calf. They wanted to have the court decide which rightfully owned the calf. The magistrate  literally took to the fields (the pasture) and “solomonized” his decision by the conduct of the cows and the calf.  See image for details.

~The Traveler