The Traveler… “The Apprentice (s)”…

June 17, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

While reading through The Post Boy (London) dated June 17, 1710,  I came across a few articles pertaining to the news of the day that were interesting. One was related to a current topic of interest, “job security”, being a petition from Master Gun-Smiths for and on-behalf of themselves (Dublin and Ireland) stating they were to be  the ones to making the Arms for themselves – perhaps a conflict of interest???  Another was the report of the returning of the Majesty’s ships, “as prize, a French Privateer.”

However, it was an advertisement which really caught my eye. It begins with “Went away from their Master…”  and continues on to describe two young lads, their clothing, provides their names and states that they “suppos’d to be straggled on Ship Board”, and that anyone who helps to find them  “shall be kindly rewarded”.  Interesting contrast between those who were trying feverishly to preserve their livelihood with those who were running from it.          ~The Traveler