Collection Spotlight: One man’s passion for pulp… From Antique Trader…

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Joe Rainone, a member of the Rare & Early Newspapers Community, recently had a featured article in a post at  His passion is focused primary on pulp magazines, with some cross-over to collectible newspapers.  The article begins:

joe_rainone“My passion for collecting started in the mid 1980s although I did enjoy collecting stamps, coins and reading comics as a child. I started to collect comic books again with my 9-year-old son who loved Spider-Man. This was my introduction to popular fiction.

I became intrigued with pulp magazines. In time, I became more interested, not only in the artwork, but also the history of how and where it all began…”

To read more, go to  Great job Joe!

The rare newspaper community is pregnant with scores of members with their own collectible passion.  One of the beauties of the hobby is the endless varieties of directions one’s collection can go.  If you’d like to share about your collectible area of interest, please do.

Collectible Magazines… Rich West… Periodyssey – Part II

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Tammy Kahn Fennell at Collectibles Corner TV recently completed part II of her interview with Rich West of Periodyssey fame.  Part II of the interview begins at the 3:32 mark; however,  if you have the time, the entire episode is worth watching.  Thanks Tammy… and Rich.

Episode #10 – Depression Glass, Colophon, Rich West of Periodyssey part 2, Get Me Video

Note from the previous post re: the interview with Rich:

Although Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers’ archives contain nearly every issue of Gentleman’s Magazine, Harper’s Weekly (actually an illustrated newspaper), Harper’s Monthly, The Sporting News, and a selection of others (Liberty Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Scribner’s, etc.), including many of these and others beyond what is posted on the Rare & Early Newspapers website, the Timothy Hughes of magazine collecting is Rich West of Periodyssey.  He operates with integrity, has an incredible inventory of magazines to offer, and is the most knowledgeable resource in the field of magazine collectibles.