Blockbuster Movie Ads at Their Best – Overview – Part I

August 1, 2022 by  
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A few weeks ago we posted “Blockbuster Movie Ads at Their Best – “Top Gun Maverick”. While preparing the post we wondered whether or not it might not be fun to provide a bit of background regarding these issues.

Back in 1994 we had the opportunity (through a third party) to add the personal holdings of The Los Angeles Times to our inventory – issues which had never been in circulation. The thought of taking in a substantial set of newspapers which would serve our West Coast clients seeking regional “birthday newspapers” while providing all collectors with coverage of major events from a “big city” newspaper seemed like a good idea.

So, Tim Hughes, my 12-year-old daughter (Eve), and I packed our bags and headed to Burbank. After 5 days of 90-100 degree heat, thousands of flights of steps, hours upon hours of listening to Toby Mac, and more dust and sweat than any of us had ever experienced, three tractor trailers were finally loaded and enroute to South Williamsport, PA. Tired? Yes. Pleased? As one can be when utterly exhausted. Proud of my daughter’s perseverance? You bet! Yet, the best was yet to come.

As is often the case in the newspaper collecting hobby, unbeknownst to us were gems buried deep within: Calendar Sections containing full-page and/or double-page ads for the premiers of many of the blockbuster movies we adore. We couldn’t believe it. Actual poster-sized ads for premiers of blockbuster films of the past printed in authentic Los Angeles newspapers… When it comes to such ads, it just doesn’t get any better!

Our listings typically include the following: “There is perhaps no better issue to be found for these premier ads, the L.A. Times being the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry – the Hollywood area’s prime publication. Where else might one find authentic, poster-size ads for Opening Day showings, in the most desirable Hollywood-area newspaper? In over 40 years of collecting, we have yet to see such unique & dramatic coverage with truly top-shelf, eye-catching displayability.”

One of our staff recently create a video to highlight a few:

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We add new listings on nearly a weekly basis, but if you have a favorite movie for which you would like to see and ad from the week of its release, just send me a note (

In the meantime, our active listings are found at:  Blockbuster Movie Ads


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