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November 7, 2008 by  
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Two weeks ago Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers… …History’s Newsstand ran a contest asking contributors to share their story of a time when they had purchased a newspaper (for one reason or another) only to discover upon reading the issue that it also contained key historic or highly interesting content that they did not know was present when they initially obtained the issue.  Many responded with their tales of discovery, and one of the hidden joys of the collectible was made known to all.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Your participation made for great reading and certainly added to the community at large.

Never did I imagine selecting the three top “winners” would be so difficult.  All of the tales were fascinating, making the decision nearly impossible.  However, without explanation other than to say the decision process was based more on a gut feeling as opposed to any sort of highly defined selection process, the winners are:

Third Place (three-way tie) ~ $25 Rare Newspapers Gift Certificate: Joe Rainone & Andrew Robinson, for the shear quantity of contributions with interesting content – any of which easily could argue a higher placement, and Paul Sarna, for finding an article written by Lieutenant John F. Kennedy (with a picture of the youthful future President), in a May 7, 1945 (historic) Boston newspaper

Second Place ~ $50 Rare Newspapers Gift Certificate:  David Sounik, for finding the printing of the Northwest Ordinance in a nondescript period newspaper.

First Place ~ $100 Rare Newspapers Gift Certificate:  Alan Pollack, for finding the execution of Jack McCall (murderer of Wild Bill Hickok) in a n extremely rare old west title “The Black Hills Pioneer”.  Wow!

As a thank you to all those who participated, and acknowledging that the most “beautiful” story is likely to be found in the eye of the beholder, all participants will also be receiving a 10% discount coupon for use on a future purchase (some restrictions apply).  All discount coupons and certificates will be mailed on Tuesday, November 11th.  To view all entries, please go to:  Contest – Share your best “golden nugget discovery” with the world!

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