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Today I journeyed to The Post Boy dated January 24, 1712 where I found there was a “wanted” man. The back page of this singlesheet newspaper was clearing the air on the false reports of the escape of Mr. Mackartney to Holland, “for he has never been on that side of the Water since the Murder he committed…” This continued with a Royal Proclamation being issued for his capture along with the a 300 pound reward as he had been found to have committed the murder of James Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and also with aiding and assisting the Lord Mohun to commit the murder of the Duke.

While researching this incident further, I found the following information through Wikipedia… “In 1712, two years after Mohun’s Whig party had been heavily defeated in an election, the Duke of Hamilton was given the post of special envoy to Paris. Also at this time Mohun’s legal dispute with Hamilton over his inheritance of the Macclesfield estate was going badly. Shortly before Hamilton left for France, Mohun challenged him to a duel which was fought on 15 November in Hyde Park. Hamilton was killed during the fight by Mohun’s second, George MacCartney, after he had mortally wounded Mohun during the duel; Mohun died from his wounds shortly afterwards. This bloody duel was made immortal by William Makepeace Thackeray in his novel The History of Henry Esmond. The injuries suffered by the two men were so horrific that the government passed legislation banning the use of seconds in such duels. Also as a result swords were replaced as the weapons of choice in duel by the pistol, which tended to result in shorter and less bloody fights.”


~The Traveler

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