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Announcing: Catalog #316 (for March, 2022) – Rare & Early Newspapers (for purchase)

http://images.rarenewspapers.com.s3.amazonaws.com/ebayimgs/Webs/Catalog-Rare-Newspapers.jpgMarch’s catalog (#316) is now available. Also shown below are links to a video featuring highlights from the catalog, our currently discounted newspapers, and recent posts to the History’s Newsstand Blog. Please enjoy.

CATALOG #316 [1] – This latest offering of authentic newspapers is comprised of more than 300 new items, a selection which includes the following noteworthy issues [2]: Madison’s proposed Amendments to the Constitution, the famous “Join or Die” engraving in the masthead (1774), the “Gunpowder Incident” in a 1775 Williamsburg newspaper, The Gettysburg Address in the famous New York Tribune, Washington is elected President, a great issue on the sinking of the Lusitania, and more.


Helpful Links to the Catalog:
Video – Highlights of Catalog #316 (3 options – same video):
DISCOUNTED ISSUES [9] – What remains of last month’s discounted issues may be viewed at: Discount (select items at 50% off) [9]

HISTORY’S NEWSSTAND [10] – Recent Posts on the History’s Newsstand Blog may be accessed at: History’s Newsstand [10]


Thanks for collecting with us.


Guy Heilenman & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team


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upon which time it will update to the most recent catalog.