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After reading Tim’s recent blog posting on digging into an article that was not the “meat and potatoes” of the issue, I decided it would be interesting and intriguing to see what could be found within issues 100, 200 or 300 years ago. As we work with the newspapers, we are constantly being side-tracked with different articles and advertisements that catch our eye and these will be share with you from time to time. Welcome to This Day In History…

On June 3, 1910, within the issue of the Christian Science Monitor (Boston), I found the amazing news reporting of the round-trip aviation feat of flying across the English Channel — a total of 53 miles as Capt. Charles Rolls took it upon himself to circle twice over Sangatte before his return flight to Dover. And to think that we are actually flying to space stations and landing just like an ordinary flight!

However, another intriguing article was of a young Cossack woman who had started to ride from Hargin, Manchuria to St. Petersburg on a Mongolian pony. The distance was 5,420 miles. I wonder if she ever made it??

As I was about to put the issue down I also happened to notice a mention of the famous aviation pioneer, Glen Curtiss.  Who knows what other “treasures”  might be buried within this issue???

~The Traveler