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Gettysburg revisted… 150 years ago…

[1]Since the birth of the United States, there may not be a single more formative event than The Battle of Gettysburg. Authentic newspapers containing first-hand accounts continue to be one of the most sought after within the collectible. Over the years several History’s Newsstand posts have been written about these contemporary reports. A sample of a few are:

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The following are the currently available original newspapers with reports related to the Battle of Gettysburg. Please enjoy a brief walk into the heart of “America in crisis” (arranged in chronological order):  Battle of Gettysburg [7]

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2 Comments To "Gettysburg revisted… 150 years ago…"

#1 Comment By Dom Leclezio On 02/07/2017 @ 12:26 am

Hi, Guy, Tim (and all).

I have, what I believe, is an original of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Saturday July 4th, 1963. For history buffs, this edition was the first to publish a map of the battle and details pertaining.

The Inquirer did reprint the same cover for the 150th anniversary—I am certain this is not one of these reproductions. I haven’t managed to find a whole lot about this collectible online.


Does anyone know of it’s significance? Or who or where I can reach out to to find out more.

Thank ypou!

#2 Comment By GuyHeilenman On 02/21/2017 @ 11:06 am

Hello Dom: Can you take a handful of photos or various portions of the front page and send it to me at [9]? We’ll let you know what we think. Thanks – Guy