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Top ten battles of the Civil War… Just for fun…

[1]A common way to collect historic newspapers is to assemble reports regarding various “top ten” lists. In the past, we have explored several such lists:

When it comes to the Civil War (one of the most popular targets within the collectible community), “top tens” can take on various forms: Top ten noteworthy Generals, top ten most impacting events, top ten naval battles, top ten events/causes for the war, etc.  In this vein, shown below are various links focused on top ten battles. Which were the most important? Opinions certainly will vary… which is why no two collections are the same.  As an added bonus, how about exploring the top ten “under the radar” battles which do not typically make a top ten list? We’d love to have input.

Top 10 Battles of the Civil War – by Charles Gromley on Prezi [6]

The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War [7]

Top 10 Civil War Sites [8]

Ten Bloodiest Civil War Battles [9]

Top ten battles in civil war – WikiAnswers [10]

Civil War Top 10 Lists [11]

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