The work of a headsman…

October 2, 2008 by  
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Almost daily we find non-historical, but fascinating reporting in the issues we peruse.  It is one of the hidden pleasures of the collectible.  See the image to the right for one recently discovered intriguing little nugget published in the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS issue of March 9, 1861. John Lund held the job of beheading state criminals in the Tower of London, but never mind that the last time such “services” were required was in 1746. Apparently his only responsibility was to show up twice a year to collect his pay check, which he did “…with a large bright hatchet on his shoulder”. They believe the position may be abolished(!)

By the way, a “sinecure”  is “an office or position requiring little or no work”.

Have you found any such nuggets in your newspapers?

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