Women and baseball… Have things changed?

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Even when when baseball was in its infancy the connection between women and baseball was worthy of comment in the Porter’s Spirit of the Times” newspaper of Sept. 6, 1856.

Under the heading “Base Ball” which has much on a game played, are comments: “…and the attendance at each was not only very large, but made brilliant by great gatherings of ladies, whose interest in the sport seemed to be not at all short of that experienced by the most occupied observers of the other sex. We are inclined to think too, that this feature of these occasions has no little effect in inspiring the players in the games, and that the last energy of every contestant is taxed by the consciousness that he must win or lose in the minds of an exceedingly keen and scrutinizing class of lookers on. We are much pleased to see the beautiful and fair of this city lend the charm of their presence to the healthful out-door sports and exercises, and we have a shrewd opinion that more than one of them attends to ground with the view of sharply measuring among the players the qualities of what might make a serviceable future husband…”.


Who’s Who in Newspapers? P.T. Barnum edition…

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The 3rd installment of Wh0’s Who in Newspapers:

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton… Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Vince Lombardi… John Wayne, James Dean, Katharine Hepburn – these individuals among many are easily recognizable. However, there are quite a few historical figures who, while having adorned the pages of many a newspaper, are far from household names. Such is the case with Daniel Mendoza. Who is he? What was he known for? When did he live? These questions and more can be garnered through the newspapers of his day. Please enjoy the second installment of:

Who’s Who in Newspapers?

P.T. Barnum Edition

Note: As you explore this chronological set of newspapers, if duplicate issues appear for the same date, the item with the highest item # will have the most up-to-date information. While a few items may be available for sale, the purpose of this post is to introduce the reader to what can be found in historic newspapers.

“The Times They Are A-Changin'”… Martha’s Vineyard… 1867

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Elkman at en.wikipedia

We recently came across a front page article in a Springfield Republican dated August 21, 1867 which caught our attention. Under the front page heading: “From Martha’s Vineyard,” appears considerable details regarding Wesleyan Grove (Wesleyan Camp Grove), with the subheading: “The World at a Camp-Meeting – The Sound, Its History and Associations,” followed by considerable detail. One might find it interesting to read the article (through the link above), and then dig a little deeper at Wesley Grove. While some elements of the Camp Meeting have undergone dramatic change over time, some things still remain the same. Please enjoy.

The January (2018) Newsletter from Rare & Early Newspapers…

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Each month the staff of Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers sends out a newsletter to our members which includes special offers, discounts, alerts to new inventory, and information related to the rare newspaper collectible.

The January, 2018 newsletter:

Welcome to the January edition of our member’s newsletter. As I type, the musical “The Greatest Showman” is taking the world by storm. What the film lacks in detail regarding P.T. Barnum is certainly more than made up by its message and depiction of his passion for performance. Below please find a link to period newspapers containing related ads, images, and stories of and/or by this extraordinary man, along with many of his performers: Jenny Lind, Tom Thumb, etc.. Also please find a new set of issues priced at 25% off, a link to new listings, a link to the previous discount (items priced at 75% off) which has been extended for a few days, the remaining issues from our recent catalog, and some of the more recent posts to the History’s Newsstand blog. Enjoy.

P.T. Barnum Related – Newspapers containing related ads, images, and stories of this extraordinary man and/or his performers: Jenny Lind, Tom Thumb, etc., including a few that clearly reflect some of what appears in the movie., The Greatest Showman.

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History’s Newsstand Blog – Some of the recent posts include: “An Alternative to Capital Punishment Explored in the 1700’s,” “Life-perspective from 50, 100, 150+ years ago – 2018 edition,” “The Traveler… the King celebrates,” and “Sometimes it’s what’s missing that catches the eye… Alaska.” These and more may be viewed at History’s Newsstand Blog

Thanks for collecting with us.


Guy & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

The Traveler… Babe Ruth signs on the dotted line…

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Today I journeyed to New York City by the means of The New York Times dated January 15, 1918. I found in the Sport’s Section a very small but significant report “Babe Ruth Signs Contract”. “Babe Ruth, the big left-handed pitcher of the Boston American League Baseball Club, has just signed a contract for the coming season. He is the first of the Red Sox to come to terms.” Interesting that his signing received such a small mention considering his eventual prominence.

~The Traveler

An Alternative to Capital Punishment Explored in the 1700’s…

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Among several reports from America posted in The London Chronicle for January 19, 1768 is a report from Denmark which brings to light their experimentation with an alternative approach to the death sentence for the most heinous of crimes. Rather than editorializing, I’ll let the the text do the talking…

Life-perspective from 50, 100, 150+ years ago – 2018 edition…

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What news was reported in the month of January – 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 years ago (1968, 1918, 1868, 1818, 1768)? Such a walk back through time via the eyes of those who read the daily and weekly newspapers of the period can be quite revealing. This is why we often say, “History is never more fascinating than when it’s read from the day it was first reported.” The following links will take you back in time to show the available newspapers from the Rare & Early newspapers website. There’s no need to buy a thing. Simply enjoy the stroll.
1968 – 50 years ago
1918 – 100 years ago
1868 – 150 years ago
1818 – 200 years ago
1768 – 250 years ago
Wanting for more? Why not take a year-long gander at 1668, 1718, 1768, 1818, 1868, 1918, and/or 1968?

Announcing: Catalog #266 (for January, 2018) is now available…

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http://images.rarenewspapers.com.s3.amazonaws.com/ebayimgs/Webs/Catalog-Rare-Newspapers.jpgRare Newspapers’ monthly offering of collectible newspapers, Catalog 266, is now available. This latest collection of authentic newspapers is comprised of nearly 350 new items. Some of the noteworthy content includes:

the Battle of Bunker Hill
a rare issue of the “Pennsylvania Magazine” from 1775
the Gettysburg Address on the front page
the first magazine printing of the Star Spangled Banner
a North Carolina issue on the North Carolina secession
the Great Fire of London in a London newspaper (front page)

To view the above key issues and a whole lot more, go to: Catalog 266

(The catalog links shown above will redirect to the latest catalog in approximately 30 days, upon which time it will update to the most recent catalog.)

The Traveler… the King celebrates…

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Today I traveled to London by the means of The Post Boy dated January 1, 1718. There I found that the King of Spain had lately been experiencing some health issues but is now reportedly been better. Also “Yesterday being his Majesty’s Birth-day, when he enter’d into the 36th Year of his Age, he receiv’d the Compliments of the Court there-upon; and is expected here in few days.”

I wish all a Happy New Year!

~The Traveler