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I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.   Winston S. Churchill

This is an appropriate enough quote to summarize my perspective at the close of a year of many new lessons – and not all of them pleasant at the time of learning.  It’s tough to be new, but it feels great to be not-new.  Since I find myself in a “next stage” here at Rare Newspapers, as of this week I am transitioning the title(s) of my blog.  Once a month I will continue to pass along something new I have learned, under the heading “Still Learning.” In the other three weeks I will focus on different aspects of this wonderful place.

My most recent orientation was a byproduct of searching the wide world of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.  It seems these treasures, similar in size to Harper’s Weekly, are located in a completely different collection of Civil War Era papers.   Although our titles are meticulously indexed and cataloged, the facilities could not possibly be rearranged with each new collection acquired.  Consequently, the front warehouse has its own area of 1861-1865 issues, while the annex has a separate one.  It’s so funny to still be discovering a nook packed full of Historical Relevance (in capital letters).

Within a publication from 1862, I located a four-panel, tipped-in centerfold. It’s a beautiful illustration that measures 20″ high by 32″ wide, folded inside the magazine, with no binding holes or glue lines within the image margins.  The top half is titled “The Second Day of the Second Battle of Bunker Hill”, and depicts a lovely landscape in which lines of marching men wind along hilltops and alongside lanes of trees.  Even the award winning photography of later wars doesn’t compete with the impact of this intricate rendering.

Note that this is not a double-page centerfold, as I originally described it to Guy, but a more extravagantly sized and highly desirable four-panel, tipped-in centerfold.  I have recently been taught the difference.

Anyway, I have much more to learn, but in case you were wondering, I am ready for more Leslie’s requests — particularly Civil War issues.

The June (2020) Newsletter from Rare & Early Newspapers…

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Monthly Newsletter ~ Rare & Early Newspapers

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of our monthly newsletter. With so much to talk about, let’s jump right in:

A New Set of Discounted Newspapers – 50% Off

Nearly 140 items have been newly discounted by 50% through July 16th. The prices shown already reflect the discount. Topics include: Thurgood Marshall is appointed to the Supreme Court, Omaha wins Kentucky Derby (1935), Fatty Arbuckle death (1933), the Flight 537 airplane disaster, Amelia Earhart officially declared dead, and more.

Catalog 295 – New Items Added

Since Catalog 295 went to print we’ve added nearly 50 additional items. Some of the topics/issues include: Battle of Lake Champlain (1776), Death of William Clark of “Lewis & Clark” fame, a letter written aboard a slave ship, John Adams’ State of the Union Address (1798), the first successful magazine in the country (1744), Abraham Lincoln’s funeral, “Jack the Ripper” (report in a London newspaper), and more.

Four Interesting Items on eBay

Ruth Bader Ginsburg nominated to the SCOTUS
Very rare newspaper from Sitka, Alaska (1887)
A bound volume (6 mos.) of an 1899 San Diego newspaper
Wright Brothers 1911 glider test flights – new record set

Catalog 295

Speaking of the catalog, some links which you may find useful include:
Key Issues from Catalog 295
Catalog 295 (in “Quick Scan” format)
Catalog 295 – Priced under $50

History’s Newsstand

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Newly Discovered Items

Items which have been listed on our website within the last 30 days.

Thanks for collecting with us.


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