First newspapers in New Hampshire…

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Although New Hampshire was settled as early as 1623 no printing was done in the colony until 1756 as Boston got all the printing work. Daniel Fowles arrived in New Hampshire in 1756 to become the first printer in the colony,  and on October 7, 1756, in Portsmouth, he issued the first number of the “New Hampshire Gazette“, the first newspaper in the colony. The only other printed item he did before this newspaper was an almanac for the year 1757.

The second newspaper in the colony was the “Mercury & Weekly Advertiser“, also done in Portsmouth by an employee of Fowle who was urged to created a competing newspaper by those who thought Fowle “…too timid in the cause of liberty, or their press too much under the influence of the officers of the crown…”. Fowle’s political leanings against independence would cause troubles for himself and his printing business in the years to come.