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hw_12_5_1857Harper’s Weekly” of Dec. 5, 1857 has a small item:

“Dr. Stone, of New Orleans, speaking of yellow fever, says–‘The fever has a certain course to run. Keep the patient from dying, and he’ll get well.’ There’s wisdom for you.”

Which was more useful?…

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morning-post-12_4_1792The “Morning Post and Daily Advertiser” newspaper of London, Dec. 4, 1792, has a report:

“A man in the county of Hereford advertises a Mare that has strayed, for which he offers a reward of Five Guineas. In the subsequent advertisement he advertises the elopement of his Wife, for the discovery of whom, he offers a reward of Five Shillings!”

Humorous content: Patience, my dear…

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A brief bit in the “Ocean Chronicle” newspaper of February 14, 1887 reads:

” ‘My dear’, said a young wife to her husband, ‘you have never taken me to the cemetery yet!’ ‘No, my love,’ he replied: ‘that is a pleasure I have yet in anticipation.’ “

No comments necessary.  🙂

A Bizarre Report: Maybe she was angry about her name…

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The “Courier of New Hampshire” newspaper from Concord, Nov. 21, 1795 has a page 3 item:

“Whereas my wife Sukey, having behaved herself much unbecoming a kind and dutiful Wife, and treated me in a cruel and inhuman manner, by beating, bruising, and otherwise ill-treating me–and having taken from me, without my leave and consent, and carried from my house our only child Robert Osgood, in the 7th year of his age; I therefore hereby forbid any persons harbouring or trusting said Sukey and Robert, or either of them, on my account, as I shall not pay any debt of their contracting after the date of this public notice.”

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