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The Haggadah (during Passover) – 1st mention in a New York Times…

I know I’ve said it before, but I absolutely love this hobby. Today, thinking about the Damascus Blood Libel from back in the 184o, which prompted The London Times to print the details [1] of the Jewish practice during The Passover Celebration – The Haggadah, they printed the details of the ritual (event/meal). This caused us to wonder if any other publication printed similar details. We were astounded to learn that the first time The Haggadah was mentioned in the New York Times did not occur until nearly 40 years later. The full details of this report (which includes details regarding addition Jewish celebrations (and special days) may be viewed at: NY Times – Jewish Festivals [2]

If a reader knows of another nationally distributed newspaper which included similar details, please let us know.