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Announcing: Catalog #257 – for April, 2017 – is now available…

Rare Newspapers’ monthly offering of collectible newspapers, Catalog 257 [1], is now available. This latest collection of authentic newspapers is comprised of more than 350 new items. Some of the noteworthy content includes: a front page account of the Battle of Brandywine, a rare “camp” newspaper from 1861, The Constitution of the United States, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Benedict Arnold on the Battle of Quebec, an uncommon beardless print of Abraham Lincoln, and more. Key items which include the remaining items from the above may be viewed at: Noteworthy Catalog 257 [2]

Whereas the entire catalog is shown at Catalog 257 [1], the following links are intended to aid in quickly finding items from the catalog based on era:

1500-1799 (full view [3] OR quick-scan/compact view [4])
1800-1899 (full view [5] OR quick-scan/compact” view [6])
1900-2015 (full view [7] OR quick-scan/compact” view [8])

To view items from both the current and the previous catalog, go to: Combined Catalog [9]

Note: The links shown above will expire in approximately 30 days.