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Announcing: Catalog #256 (for March, 2017) is now available…

Rare Newspapers’ monthly offering of collectible newspapers, Catalog 256 [1], is now available. This latest collection of authentic newspapers is comprised of more than 350 new items. Some of the noteworthy content includes: a 1643 newsbook, the sale of Coca Cola in 1919 (in an Atlanta newspaper), a “Royal Gazette” from Charleston (1782), Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox, the British plan for conquering America, a rare Confederate newspaper (Jackson, Mississippi), and more. Key items which include the remaining items from the above may be viewed at: Noteworthy Catalog 256 [2]

Whereas the entire catalog is shown at Catalog 256 [1], the following links are intended to aid in quickly finding items from the catalog based on era:

1500-1799 (full view [3] OR quick-scan/compact view [4])
1800-1899 (full view [5] OR quick-scan/compact” view [6])
1900-2015 (full view [7] OR quick-scan/compact” view [8])

To view items from both the current and the previous catalog, go to: Combined Catalog [9]

Note: The links shown above will expire in approximately 30 days.