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Cigarettes… Fitness you can…

While pairing the concept of superior athleticism with cigarette smoking as an advertising ploy would come across ridiculous in today’s “enlightened” culture, there was a time when this was not the case. In fact, professional athletes promoting cigarettes (see the ad from a NYT, October 1, 1941 [1] shown below) was as common in early-to-mid 1900’s as the same promoting energy and “health” drinks is today. I wonder if our children’s children will look back on today wondering how we could have been (dare I say) duped by such connections. Are health drinks really healthy? Time will likely tell.Blog-2-25-2016-Joe-DiMagio-Camel-ad [2]

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2 Comments To "Cigarettes… Fitness you can…"

#1 Comment By Tom On 02/25/2016 @ 7:26 pm

People that weren’t around in that era or soon after have no idea the prevalence of smoking.

I’m a big fan of old TV shows and have been watching old game shows on Buzzzr TV. Every episode of “I’ve Got a Secret” has Gary Moore smoking his lungs out 😎

Thanks for the interesting picture above.


#2 Comment By GuyHeilenman On 03/02/2016 @ 1:17 pm

Thank you Tom – and you are 100% correct.