They put it in print… the best UFO alien abduction newspaper ever?

June 8, 2015 by  
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UFO stories, with supposed “photos”  have become rather commonplace in tabloids over the last 50 years, but few are accounts of alien abductions, and even fewer are accounts of abductions with eye-witness corroboration.

The small town of Show Low, Arizona, has a weekly newspaper and its issue of Nov. 14, 1975 has a terrific account (see image below) of perhaps the most famous alien abduction case in American history. It appears dramatically in this newspaper because it is essentially the “hometown” paper for the event: it published 38 miles from the abduction site (very rural Arizona) and less than 20 miles from the home of Travis Walton, the man abducted for 5 days before being returned to earth.

See the link to the issue of the “White Mountain Independent” for further details including multiple images showing snippets of much of the coverage. For any UFO enthusiastic this could well be the very best UFO newspaper report to be had. Is it even better than a Roswell newspaper from 1948?

Note: While the link above states the issue is no longer available, it is currently listed on eBay at: Thomas Walton Abducted By Aliens?Blog-6-8-2015-UFO-alien-abduction

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