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The Traveler… seeking Governor Wilson… the cats meow…

[1]Today I traveled to January 9, 1912 [2].  While reading The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Massachusetts I discovered that not unlike many in 2012,  scores of citizens were also looking for the right man to run in opposition of the President in the upcoming presidential election. The headline read “Democrats Turn To Gov. Wilson As Man to Defeat Mr. Taft”, with the subheads, “Decide They Must Nominate Radical to Oppose president, as Conservative, and Thus Avert a Third Party”, “Find Him Popular” and “National Committeemen Surprised to Discover Sentiment Among Rank and File for New Jersey Candidate”.  It is interesting to see history playing out many of the same themes over time.

I realize that Christmas has passed, but a small article on “Presents Given To Cats and Dogs” caught my eye. I know that pampering of four-legged friends is very trendy now, but I did not know that it was “cats meow” then as well!

~The Traveler