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Collecting “bookend” newspapers…

When writing up an newspaper on the beginning days of the Berlin Wall [1]–when it was nothing more than barbed wire–it came to mind that we also have issues from Germany on the fall of the Berlin Wall. What a nice pair of issues to have together in a collection; the beginning and end of the BerlinĀ  Wall.

[2]This caused me to think of other “beginnings & endings” which would be nice to keep as pairs within a collection. Let me mention a few:

* wars, from proclamations declaring “war” to “peace” reports at their end

* the first and last games of Joe DiMaggio’s [3] 56 game hitting streak

* the first and last games of Cal Ripken’s [4] 2,130 consecutive game streak

* on a more somber note the first election of Abraham Lincoln and his death report, spanning the scope of his national prominence

* the Wright brothers’ first flight and man landing on the moon (actually not and “end”, but certainly a nice “bookend” issue)

* beginning and end of Prohibition

* beginning and end of the Stamp Act

* arrival of delegates to the Constitutional Convention, and the submission of the final Constitution for ratification

* The stockĀ  market at its high point on Sept. 3, 1929, and at it’s Depression low point on July 8, 1932

There must be many more. Offer your suggestions to add to the list!