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The course makes all the difference… Ronald Reagan’s 2nd Inaugural Address…

A boat ride… what could be more relaxing? I suppose the answer would depend on whether you were a passenger on a fishing excursion off the coast of Florida or aboard the Titanic.  The bottom line? The answer hinges on the course you’re on.
On January 22, 1985, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES [1] had front page coverage of President Ronald Reagan’s [2] 2nd Inauguration with the title “President Vows to Stay on Course in 2nd Term “. Now there’s a line completely dependent on the course taken over his previous 4 years! Where had he steered us so far? Based on the answer, where did we think he would take us now? What “course” had he charted for our country? Interestingly enough, in smaller print (but still on the front page) came some reassurance: “Dow Soars 34; Investors Mood Seem Stronger”.  Those in the “know” seem to think we were on a good trajectory… so (sigh of relief), let the Gala begin!!!