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Special Moment: Father and Daughter – A Handshake for the Century…

Hiking with kids can teach LOTS of life lessons, not the least of which is: “Don’t forget the snacks”.  However, a more obscure lesson is more impacting for the long term. Hiking often leads us down a path to a moment we never saw coming…  maybe the sunlight is dappling the trail ahead as we turn a corner or a mother deer lifts her head to check on her fawn as we step into a quiet glen. Life can mimic like these treasured moments. Perhaps we make a choice without much thought one day which leads to hidden treat a year or two down the road or hobby we start with our loved one can pay undreamt of dividends at a perfect future moment in our lives.  Such is the story below.  Take the few minuets to watch as it is uplifting and encouraging and honestly,  isn’t that what we could all use right now at this moment in time? Here at RareNewspapers, our small part of the story came about as the father of this remarkable young girl contacted us to see if we had the April 19, 1946 issue of The New York Times [1] which contained this priceless image.  After some research, our success elicited the only appropriate outcry: HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!  We are always grateful for moments like these when history leaps off the page and touches our hearts. ENJOY!!!

Handshake for the Century [2]