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Announcing: Catalog #275 (for October, 2018) is now available…


Catalog 275 [1] (for October) is now available. This latest offering of authentic newspapers is comprised of over 300 new items, a selection which includes: perhaps the best stock market crash newspaper, the iconic “Dewy Defeats Truman” newspaper, the Gettysburg Address (from the nation’s capital), a great map of America from 1776, Lincoln’s inauguration and inaugural address, a front page report of Washington’s death, and more. Another special item was added after the catalog went to print, and therefore, is only being offered online:  The Virginia Gazette from 1774 which includes reflective thoughts on the Boston Massacre [2] (extremely rare).
The following links are designed to help you explore this latest edition of our catalog:


                1500-1799 (full view [3] OR quick-scan/compact view [4])  

                1800-1899 (full view [5] OR quick-scan/compact” view [6])

                1900-2015 (full view [7] OR quick-scan/compact” view [8])


Don’t forget about this month’s DISCOUNTED ISSUES [11].

(The catalog links above will redirect to the latest catalog in approx. 30 days, upon which time it will update to the most recent catalog.)