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Announcing: Catalog #273 (for August, 2018) is now available…


Catalog 273 [1] (for August) is now available. Due to an influx of new inventory, this is likely one of our best catalogs in quite some time. There are too many great issues to highlight, but a sampling includes: the famous “Unite or Die” segmented snake engraving, the Declaration of Independence, an Oxford Gazette w/ mention of an American colony, a report on the Earps in the Tombstone Epitaph, the Gettysburg Address in a military newspaper, Lincoln’s assassination in a Washington newspaper, and more. The following links are designed to help you explore this latest edition of our catalog:


        1500-1799 (full view [2] OR quick-scan/compact view [3])
        1800-1899 (full view [4] OR quick-scan/compact” view [5])
        1900-2015 (full view [6] OR quick-scan/compact” view [7])


Don’t forget about this month’s DISCOUNTED ISSUES [10].

(The catalog links above will redirect to the latest catalog in approx. 30 days, upon which time it will update to the most recent catalog.)