The January (2018) Newsletter from Rare & Early Newspapers…

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Each month the staff of Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers sends out a newsletter to our members which includes special offers, discounts, alerts to new inventory, and information related to the rare newspaper collectible.

The January, 2018 newsletter:

Welcome to the January edition of our member’s newsletter. As I type, the musical “The Greatest Showman” is taking the world by storm. What the film lacks in detail regarding P.T. Barnum is certainly more than made up by its message and depiction of his passion for performance. Below please find a link to period newspapers containing related ads, images, and stories of and/or by this extraordinary man, along with many of his performers: Jenny Lind, Tom Thumb, etc.. Also please find a new set of issues priced at 25% off, a link to new listings, a link to the previous discount (items priced at 75% off) which has been extended for a few days, the remaining issues from our recent catalog, and some of the more recent posts to the History’s Newsstand blog. Enjoy.

P.T. Barnum Related – Newspapers containing related ads, images, and stories of this extraordinary man and/or his performers: Jenny Lind, Tom Thumb, etc., including a few that clearly reflect some of what appears in the movie., The Greatest Showman.

Discounted Newspapers (New Items – 20% off) Nearly 150 items have been discounted by 20% through February 14, 2018. The items already reflect the discount.

Catalog 266 – Enjoy the remaining items from our latest catalog of historic newspapers.

Recent Listings – Over 700 items have been listed within the last 20 days, many of which will never appear in catalogs. They may be viewed at: Recent Listings

History’s Newsstand Blog – Some of the recent posts include: “An Alternative to Capital Punishment Explored in the 1700’s,” “Life-perspective from 50, 100, 150+ years ago – 2018 edition,” “The Traveler… the King celebrates,” and “Sometimes it’s what’s missing that catches the eye… Alaska.” These and more may be viewed at History’s Newsstand Blog

Thanks for collecting with us.


Guy & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

The Traveler… Babe Ruth signs on the dotted line…

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Today I journeyed to New York City by the means of The New York Times dated January 15, 1918. I found in the Sport’s Section a very small but significant report “Babe Ruth Signs Contract”. “Babe Ruth, the big left-handed pitcher of the Boston American League Baseball Club, has just signed a contract for the coming season. He is the first of the Red Sox to come to terms.” Interesting that his signing received such a small mention considering his eventual prominence.

~The Traveler

Life-perspective from 50, 100, 150+ years ago – 2018 edition…

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What news was reported in the month of January – 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 years ago (1968, 1918, 1868, 1818, 1768)? Such a walk back through time via the eyes of those who read the daily and weekly newspapers of the period can be quite revealing. This is why we often say, “History is never more fascinating than when it’s read from the day it was first reported.” The following links will take you back in time to show the available newspapers from the Rare & Early newspapers website. There’s no need to buy a thing. Simply enjoy the stroll.
1968 – 50 years ago
1918 – 100 years ago
1868 – 150 years ago
1818 – 200 years ago
1768 – 250 years ago
Wanting for more? Why not take a year-long gander at 1668, 1718, 1768, 1818, 1868, 1918, and/or 1968?

Announcing: Catalog #266 (for January, 2018) is now available…

January 4, 2018 by · Leave a Comment Newspapers’ monthly offering of collectible newspapers, Catalog 266, is now available. This latest collection of authentic newspapers is comprised of nearly 350 new items. Some of the noteworthy content includes:

the Battle of Bunker Hill
a rare issue of the “Pennsylvania Magazine” from 1775
the Gettysburg Address on the front page
the first magazine printing of the Star Spangled Banner
a North Carolina issue on the North Carolina secession
the Great Fire of London in a London newspaper (front page)

To view the above key issues and a whole lot more, go to: Catalog 266

(The catalog links shown above will redirect to the latest catalog in approximately 30 days, upon which time it will update to the most recent catalog.)

The Traveler… the King celebrates…

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Today I traveled to London by the means of The Post Boy dated January 1, 1718. There I found that the King of Spain had lately been experiencing some health issues but is now reportedly been better. Also “Yesterday being his Majesty’s Birth-day, when he enter’d into the 36th Year of his Age, he receiv’d the Compliments of the Court there-upon; and is expected here in few days.”

I wish all a Happy New Year!

~The Traveler

Christmas Day… Not what one might expect…

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Over the years we have written various Christmas-themed posts for the 25th (or 24th) of December. Many of these (and a few extras) may be viewed at Christmas-Themed Posts. However, almost by accident, as I was preparing for this year I happened to notice that the “reason for the season” and what has appeared on the pages of many newspapers published on Christmas don’t necessarily correlate. Before accessing the following link (which will take you to a chronological listing of such issues we have listed on our website – most of which are no longer available), think back through the past 300-400 years and try to come up with a handful events which were reported on Christmas morning. Once done, go to the link to see if you were successful. Enjoy – oh, and Merry Christmas.

Christmas Morning Newspapers

The Traveler… in a heart-beat…

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Earlier this month I traveled to Russell, Kansas, via the Russell Daily News dated December 4, 1967. The news making the headlines was “Heart Transplant Appears Success”.  “Doctors with crossed fingers today tended a middle-aged man given a young woman’s heart and predicted ‘pretty good’ chances of success for history’s first cardiac transplant operation. The patient’s wife called the operation a miracle…”

Unfortunately due to the medication that was used to suppress his body to keep it from rejecting the heart caused him to become susceptible to illness and he died from double pneumonia eighteen days later with the heart functioning normally.

~The Traveler

The Traveler… dry as a bone…

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Today I went to Atlanta, Georgia, by the way of The Atlanta Constitution dated December 18, 1917. I found a big announcement had just been made “‘Bone Day’ Nation Put Up To States” as the
“Prohi Amendment Adopted By House By Vote 282 to 128” had occurred.  “Nation-wide prohibition won in the house today and only the adjustment of a slight difference in resolution between the house and senate now stands in the way of submitting to state legislatures an amendment to the federal constitution forbidding the manufacture, sale or importation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes in the United States or its territories…”

Here’s to you!

~The Traveler

The Traveler… show your stars…

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I traveled today to New York City by the way of the Leslie’s Illustrated dated November 17, 1917. There I found the front cover that was famous then and has currently come back into use again. It features the red, white and blue service flag which was made famous symbolizing if a member of a household was in the military, one star for each member. With this cover, one was to cut out this flag and hang it in a window.

~The Traveler

The November (2017) Newsletter from Rare & Early Newspapers…

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Each month the staff of Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers sends out a newsletter to our members which includes special offers, discounts, alerts to new inventory, and information related to the rare newspaper collectible.

The November, 2017 newsletter is as follows:

Welcome to the November (Thanksgiving) Newsletter from Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers. In celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday, and as a means of thanking our current members, we’d like to extend to you, for only the second time in our 40+ year existence, a website-wide discount of 10% off any website order through November 26th (see “Website-Wide Discount” below for details). This newsletter also includes links to Thanksgiving-themed posts on the History’s Newsstand Blog, our most recent catalog (#264), a set of highly desirable newspapers which we just released this morning, and a set of nearly 6,000 items already discounted by 50%! Please enjoy.

1) Website-Wide Discount – We often hear, “Put your money where your mouth is!” – a common challenge made to test the validity of one’s sincerity. It is with this in mind we strive to “authenticate” our appreciation for members of Rare & Early newspapers by offering a rarely offered, website-wide, discount. As a small token of our appreciation, please enjoy a discount of 10% off any website order through November 26th – regardless of the order total. The bottom line? If you find the item on our website, it is available for the discount.
  • To Use: There are three ways to use the discount: 1) place the order through the website and enter RN1117TD into the RN code field at check-out, 2) place the order by phone (570-326-1045) and reference the Thanksgiving Discount, or 3) place the order by e-mail ( and reference the Thanksgiving Discount.
  • Restrictions:
  1. The discount offer is for Website items only (no eBay, Amazon, or custom-quoted items). The discount also does not apply to S&H or to previous orders.
  2. The discount may not be combined with other discounts (ex. new member, Premium Member, etc..
  3. Once an order has shipped without the use of the discount, the discount may not be applied retroactively.
  • Exception to the above Restrictions – An exception to the exclusion of applying the “thank you” discount with other discounts is the items which are currently already discounted (as shown on the website) by 50%. There are nearly 6,000 items (not a typo) which we’ve already reduced in price by 50%, and they ARE available for the additional 10% discount off their already reduced price. They may be viewed at: 50% DISCOUNT
  • Can a share the discount code with others? YES!
2) New Key Items – As of this morning, we’ve added a new set of highly desirable items to our website. Whereas those which do not sell will appear in future catalogs, we wanted our members to be able to see them first – and yes, you may apply the 10% discount if you wish. They may be viewed at: NEW KEY ITEMS
3) Catalog 264 – Great items still remain from this recently released catalog. They may be viewed through the following links:
4) History’s Newsstand – Over the years we’ve had a plethora of posts with a Thanksgiving theme. If you’ve never been to the Blog, now might be a good time to take a gander. 🙂
  • Early in the new year we hope to have a fun contest in which we hope many will participate. More details will be forthcoming. Get your magnifying glasses ready!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Guy Heilenman & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

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